Great Locations For Your ATM

Great Locations For Your ATM That Might Still Be Available

Great Locations For Your ATM That Might Still Be Available 1024 683 Jimmy Bishop

When you have an ATM business, you want to make sure that you are able to attract as many people as possible to use it, because you make money for each transaction. The location of your ATM is going to determine how well your ATM does and how much money you are able to make from the transactions. Here are some great location ideas for your ATM that might not have been taken yet.

1. Near a Convention Center

Many events at convention centers are going to have vendors that will only be able to process cash transactions. There are already going to be a ton of different ATMs within the convention center itself. However, these ATMs are going to run out money quickly, especially at more popular conventions or conventions that will only allow you to pay for your ticket with cash. If you have an obvious, well-advertised ATM at a location that is very near the convention center, you will be able to pick up the people who don’t want to wait in line at the ATMs inside, or the people who left the convention to get a breath of fresh air. There are even special ATMs that you can install in the wall near the convention center that will allow you to avoid having to pay an owner for the right to use the space.

2. Near Food Trucks

Another type of business that doesn’t usually offer the option to pay with credit or debit cards are food trucks. These trucks have become increasingly popular in urban areas because they allow workers and other people to be able to grab a gourmet lunch for a reasonable price while helping give money to a local business. Many food trucks will congregate in one or two different locations every day in order to attract more people to the area. Find out where these food trucks hang out and see if you can install an ATM nearby.

3. Near Off-Campus Student Housing

Finally, you are going to want to try to check out if there are any places near off-campus student housing for you to install an ATM. College kids are always splitting pizza, beer, and kegs and need cash in order to pay each other. Having the only ATM near a residential area will help you make sure that you get a large amount of traffic.